All casinos have ATMs placed in secure and safe areas, outside the licensed gaming footprint, in their facilities. In all jurisdictions the location of ATMs has met the requirement of approval by the consent authority and/or casino regulator, which varies from state to state.

Responsible Gambling messages are displayed on ATMs (either as attachments to the machine or as part of the screen display) in many properties these messages are available in languages other than English.

Casinos and Resorts Australasia supports the responsible use of ATMs in casino properties. The casino industry remains dedicated to the responsible service of gambling and understands that some patrons may experience difficulties related to their gambling behaviours.

The overwhelming majority of casino patrons continue to utilise ATMs in a responsible manner and would be considerably inconvenienced should their access to these facilities face further restriction. No restrictions should be imposed on the broad cross‐section of casino customers ‐ both local and international ‐ who may need to access banking facilities for all manner of reasons.

The Association supports the following:

  • ATMs should be located in areas where the public can utilise them in a safe and secure environment. They should be located outside the licensed gaming footprint of a casino in compliance with local state or territory regulations. ATMs should not be located in the immediate area adjacent to an entrance to the gaming area of a casino property. In determining the location and distance from the casino entrance factors such as architectural design, heritage and age of the building should be taken into consideration.
  • ATMs should carry messages reinforcing the benefits of responsible gambling practices and provide information on the applicable referral services available to those who may be experiencing, or who wish to seek assistance with, problematic gambling behaviours.
  • Limiting the dollar amount an individual can withdraw from an account or the frequency with which an individual may access an account should remain a matter of informed choice for the individual and their banking services provider.
  • Where a person may be experiencing difficulties with their gambling behaviours the casino industry, in concert with State and Territory governments, implements procedures whereby assistance and advice is readily available. Such provisions include, but are not limited to, the issue of a voluntary (Self) exclusion order.

For more information on ATMs please download our position paper here.