Our member casinos make a large wide spread positive contribution to various sectors. For example the economy, tourism sector and communities in which they operate. Casinos also provide employment, tourism facilities such as hotels, cultural and entertainment facilities such as theatres and gaming, recreational facilities such as pools and gyms and business facilities such as conference and meeting venues.

Tourism Infrastructure 

Our Industry has invested over $5 billion in the past 5 years with a further $1.6 billion currently being spend on upgrading facilities. This includes projects at Crown Perth, The Star and SKYCITY Darwin & Adelaide.

The infrastructure supports major events such as the Australian Grand Prix and Spring Racing Carnival. 


Our industry employs 25,000 Australians, is a major training provider and contributes approximately 30 per cent of its revenue in taxes across all levels of government. 

Training and Development
The casino industry is a major trainer of young people and indigenous Australians. Over the past 5 years over 2380 people have commenced apprenticeships or traineeships around the country. 

Economic Contribution 
The casino industry generates over $4.5 billion in gross revenue from activities each year. This is from a mix of activities including gaming, accommodation, conferences, entertainment facilities and dining and hospitality. 

  • Casinos paid in excess of $1.2 billion in taxes each year
  • Over $35,000,000 is annually paid in community grants and sponsorships
  • These taxes help fund other state activities like hospitals and schools 
(Allen Consulting – taxes paid by casinos in Australia 2009-10) 

In 2007 Australia’s Casinos:

Generated Total Revenue of $3.68 billion
  • Gaming revenue was $2.88 billion or 78% of total revenue.
  • Non gaming revenue accounted for %22 of total revenue but accounted for 66% of revenue growth on the previous year.
  • There was an 86.2% increase in revenue from entertainment over the previous year.
  • Food and beverage and accommodation accounted for $658 million in revenue.

International Play Accounted for 13% of Total Industry Revenue
  • International Commission, junket and rated players accounted for $475.8 million
  • This was an increase of 24.4% in FY 2006

Capital Expenditure was $290.8 Million
  • Expansion of facilities accounted for $71.4 million
  • Redevelopments or refurbishments accounted for $96.7 million
  • Approximately 7.9% of total industry revenue was spent on capital expenditure in FY 2007, which was higher in comparison with FY 2006 of 5.9% and FY 2005 of 5.7%

Tax Contribution to All Levels of Government was $1.006 Billion
  • 27.4% of total revenue generated by the casino industry was paid in taxes to all levels of government.
  • $402 6 million was paid in gaming taxes
  • $524 million as paid in taxes to the Australian government

Australia’s Thirteen Casinos Employed 19,917 people
  • The wages and salaries bill was $1.017 billion
  • The largest employment category was in gaming activities followed by food and beverage
  • 55% of all casino industry employees were below the age of 34 while 85% were under the age of 45.
  • 53% of staff were full time workers, 23% were part-time workers and the remainder were casual staff.

The Total Community Contribution was $41.44 million
  • Community benefits contributions totaled $32.64 million
  • Another $8.8 million in contributions were made to various community groups. This does not include major sponsorship of events

The Total Number of Visitors was 48 million
  • Visitor numbers have remained fairly steady for the past five years
  • International visitor numbers totalled 2.1 million

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