CARA is committed to working with government and the community to promote responsible gambling. Gambling is a leisure and entertainment experience for most of our guests. CARA acknowledges that some people may experience difficulties associated with their gambling activities. Our casinos are committed to providing customers with best practice measures that create a responsible gambling environment.

Australian casinos operate in total compliance environments. They are also committed to good corporate social responsibility practices.

  • Across Australia, casinos have implemented over 200 responsible gambling initiatives since 1999. Some of these initiatives are responses to legislative or regulatory requirements and many are voluntary initiatives.

  • Australian casinos have forged strong partnerships with counselling services including; Lifeline, Amity, GABA, Relationships Australia, Anglicare, Break Even, Wesley Gaming Counselling Services and various gambling helpline providers. Casino patrons can be referred to these counselling services and their contact details are promoted throughout the casinos.

  • Many of the initiatives that have been implemented by Australian casinos are world first initiatives. For example, Crown Entertainment Complex in Melbourne has a Responsible Gambling Support Centre on site which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has two registered psychologists. The centre is also the first in the world to provide Chaplaincy Support on site.

  • All 13 of Australia’s casinos have self-exclusion programs which allow patrons to exclude, or ban themselves from entering the gaming floor. Burswood Casino, Perth also has a Third Party Exclusion Program whereby family members can apply to have a person excluded.

  • Responsible Gambling training is provided to casino staff by all Australian casinos. Since 1999 additional specialist responsible gambling staff have been employed in a number of Australian casinos to identify and deal specifically with any responsible gambling issues that may arise.

You can download the ACA’s position paper on Counselling Services here.